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Top Hotels to stay in Goa

Goa remains at the top of tourist destinations in India – thanks to its blue and green beaches, immaculate churches, lively people, colorful streets and positive vibes that are noticeably wonderful and distinct from all other places. Goa is a land that redefines Indian holidays with its exquisite mix of sun, surf, and beaches, and the right kinds of Goa hotels going well with everyone’s budget and preferences.

What to do in Goa

Located on the West Coast of India (Konkan), Goa is the smallest state in terms of area. With an immense variation in tourist attraction city-wise, Goa has to offer it all. While the beaches stand at the top of the attraction list, the churches, monuments, wildlife and culture – everything else does justice to the place as a tourist hotspot. Panjim is the state’s capital, Vasco is the largest city, and the historic city of Margao is the palette where the influence of Portuguese culture can be seen and felt.

Goa is visited by thousands of domestic as well as international tourists every year. The numerous beaches across the coastline offer enough variety in the color of the water, waves, sand color, crowd and attractions on the beach. The food, the shopping experiences, and most importantly the nightlife – as a whole make Goa an amazing experience.

brief about Goa

Goa is also famous for its temples and world heritage architectures. Churches, forts and monuments like the Basilica of Bom Jesus in Old Goa, Se Cathedral and Aguada Fort speak for their respective imperialism. On the other hand, temples and mosques preserve the religious and spiritual significances.

The wildlife of Goa is equally blessed with lush vegetation and exotic fauna and avifauna. To top the list is the Dudhsagar Falls with its amazing surroundings encompassing the milk white froth like gushing water is a visual treat, especially for the adventure lovers.

Goa is a complete package for rejuvenation. It has something or the other for everyone of every age group. Explore this state on the Western Ghats range which is classified for its unique diversity.


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